Frequently Asked Questions

Units must be used as a single family dwelling in accordance with prevailing laws and the Associations' rules and regulations.

The rules and regulations on renting your unit are quite restrictive. You are not allowed to lease your unit the first year after purchase. All leases must be for a minimum of three months and you are only allowed one renter per calendar year.

You are allowed to own two units in Cresthaven Ashley.

Cresthaven does allow animals. Each Villa has its own restrictions. Villas two (2) allows two pets. Villas one (1) and three (3) through seven (7) allow only one pet per unit. (See rules and regulations for other restrictions).

Maintenance fees vary for each villa and the size of your unit. The reason the villa fees are different for each villa is that each villa determines what amounts they put into their reserves. Maintenance fees are due the first of each month. Special assessments may be assessed if unplanned problems should occur. An example would be repair or clean-up expenses cause by a hurricane.

As a unit owner, you are allowed to vote an any meeting of unit owners. See the condominium association Bylaws for more information on how and when these meetings are held.

The Master Association is responsible for all common elements as well as the Clubhouse and its grounds. The unit owners are responsible for the interior of their units. This includes doors, cabinets, A/C and appliances.

No. Cresthaven is not a nursing care facility. No services are provided.

Vehicles over 78" must park in the Clubhouse area. (See rules and regulations).

When selling your unit, you, the owner, must come to the office and fill out an Intent Form. You will then receive a Sales Package as well as instructions on what follows. The Sales Package must be filled out by both the seller and buyer. Aside from this, the office is not in charge of any of the real estate procedures. Please note, the office will not accept incompelet forms. Fill out everything prior to turning in all papers or they will be returned. This is in an effort to avoid delays in paperwork.

Stop by the office and complete a maintenance request and BUG Off will confirm your appointment directly with you.